Capturing a Pop Culture Audience

Advertisers who wish to reach customer bases that are influenced by popular culture need only look as far as their laptops. There are an immense number of websites that attract a diverse set of targeted audiences by presenting multiple stories regarding the latest technology, trendy fashions, entertainment news, and the newest health and beauty tips and procedures. More and more are being introduced daily, with many operated by a large parent company. That provides a one stop shop for advertising purposes. An entertainment company, like Fooyoh, for example, which has eight different websites, can provide a multitude of advertising opportunities for all types of businesses.

Those opportunities expand exposure and branding exponentially because websites are linked to many social media pages. Browsers and subscribers to pop culture websites will begin to share their favorite ads on their personal social media pages, which means one advertisement could reach millions of people. There is no other advertising avenue that can result in that kind of return on the investment. Businesses only have to research a few sites to become familiar with the numbers, the targeted audiences, the creative ways to advertise, and the ability to attract new customers. Review the “about us” page to discover the average visits per month on each site. Click on one or two navigational tabs to get an idea of the articles featured in each category.

One example of an article found under “Health and Beauty” includes tips on to get a body that resembles a model for famous lingerie. Businesses that can place a relevant advertisement in or around that article are plastic surgeons, spas, make up manufacturers, hair product companies, the entire fashion industry, any businesses that focus on anti-aging, and supplement retailers. Any faction of the fitness industry would also enjoy incredible returns on advertisement. Fitness programs, fitness home equipment manufacturers, apparel, accessories, fitness facilities, videos, trainers, and websites that provide online coaching could reach ideal audiences. One advertisement placed strategically on the appropriate website has the potential to make or break a business. Entertainment websites draw adolescences, college students, young professionals, ordinary masses, freelance entrepreneurs, investors, travelers, and up and coming independent business owners, among many others.

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