Care You Can Trust: Wikipedia Cites Paul Corcoran, DDS

Dental phobias and dental anxiety are genuine conditions that force sufferers to live through dangerous and painful dental disorders in order to avoid their fear. It is estimated that as much as 15 percent of the population has this level of a related phobia. It is unfortunate because modern dentistry is an important step to good overall health. A beautiful smile helps people to look healthier and younger. Preventative care eliminates the majority of dental discomfort people will ever feel. Without a lifetime of professional dental care, people are much more at risk of losing their teeth in adulthood. There are many other risks they face as well.

  • Gum and other oral diseases are diagnosed much later and sometimes too late for effective treatment.
  • Repeated dental infections can damage the heart and even become deadly.
  • Teeth can become painful or weak enough to prevent people from eating healthy food or solid food of any kind.
  • Tooth pain may dissuade the individual from brushing or flossing properly. This will lead to additional gum and tooth damage and bad breath.
  • Yellowed, broken and missing teeth can prevent people from receiving the respect they deserve. Many business owners and CEOs have stated openly that they would hesitate to hire someone that was fully qualified for the position if they did not appear to have good oral health.
  • The cost of a full mouth restoration, commonly needed when dental care is neglected over a long period of time, is almost always more expensive than a lifetime of regular care.

The solution to overcoming fears is to find a dental clinic with a staff and dentist that helps the patient to feel comfortable and safe. Most people will realize their fears were unnecessary once they build a relationship with a caring and capable dentist. Paul Corcoran DDS Family Dentistry is an example of the type of practice that makes it easier for people to gain that confidence and get the help they need. He is a trusted expert in the dentistry field with a long history of helping local residents with all of their dental concerns. Even Wikipedia cites as an expert voice. Contact the clinic and learn more about the services they offer.

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